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Pecatonica Tap House Beers

We have a full-service bar serving a selection of amazing Pecatonica Beer Company beers including:

  • Muskelager (our newest brew)
    • A refreshing golden lager crafted with some of our own locally grown cascade hops.  A true Pecatonica original.
    • Alc. / Vol:  4.2%

  • Quinn’s Amber Lager
    • Medium bodied lager made with some of our own Centennial hops grown within the Pecatonica River watershed.
    • Alc. / Vol:  5.5%

  • Alphorn Ale
    • Medium bodied traditional Alt style ale that is crisp and refreshing.  We take great pride in using some of our own hops in every batch.
    • Alc. / Vol:  5.9%

  • Pecatonica IPA
    • A flavorful medium bodied American IPA with the pleasant citrus notes and subtle grapefruit character.
    • Alc. / Vol:  6%
  • Nightfall Lager
    • A truly balanced dark lager brewed with the finest cascade, centennial, hallertau hops and traditional malts.
    • Alc. / Vol:  5.9%

  • Oktoberfest
    • Refreshing Marzen style beer made from local malts, some hops from our very own fields, and pours the same color as an autumn sunset
    • Alc. / Vol:  5.9%